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Battery charger for cell phones USB Power Bank External portable 2600mAh Battery Charger

$17.00 $5.50

Color: Black,Rose,Blue,Gold,Blue,Red,Green,Purple,Sliver


It is a portable external power bank in fashionable stick design
Power and convenience are packed into a surprisingly small size
With luxurious alloy texture. It can almost double the Power of mobile

phones life and take the fancy of the people in short trip
Charge your portable device on the move without the need for main power
Small and light enough to carry around in your bag.
The power tube will provide your mobile device with up to one additional 
Charging most popular devices including Samsung, Sony mobile 
phones, MP3. MP4, GPS, PDA, PSP, Digital Camera and devices that use mini or micro USB
Environment-friendly, long Operation time, Widely use for iPhone, iPod
Low Resistance and Energy Saving Mini USB/ Micro USB / for phones Port

Over Current and Short Circuit Protection High Quality , High Transfer Efficiency

Package Including:
power bank
usb cables
retail box